DC Blogs Noted


New DC teacher salary plans unveiled and posted at DC Teacher Chic. In a note, this blogger points out that under one plan a teacher with five years experience can make over $100,000. Excerpt: The new salary scales are so dramatically more than the salary scales right now, or anywhere else in the country – it’s truly remarkable.

A Matter of Timing Chain. How far can you push the replacement? Red Nose

Why I hate being a truckdriver. That’s the title of a post about driving a SUV, and the writer at The Big Piece of Cake has many reasons to dislike it. She writes: I find that people are mean to me. Maybe they see my big truck and think that I have an aggressive personality to go with it. All I know is that I have the hardest time getting people to let me change lanes in traffic. It’s like they’re in their little economy car thinking, “Oh no you don’t, you big gas guzzling bully – you’re not cutting in front of me.”

Someone (Else) is Missing. The Washington Post has focused much attention on the Chandra Levy case with its 12-part series. But there are many other unsolved murders. The writer at The Republic of T has assembled an exhaustive post about this history.

One More Terrible Thing About Law School
. Smash. It takes over the summer.