DC Blogs Noted


Last week, it was a question regarding Guitar Hero as appropriate first date activity.  This week, it’s Guitar Hero as an imp of Satan or sign of the apocalypse (I’m easy, it’s your choice).  Farm Fresh Meat‘s author, Jamie, is spending money on new guy toys (not the red sports car, alas, or I’d be calling him) to fend off the addictive nature of this video game. 

 To tattoo or not to tattoo?  Richard Cohen of the Washington Post doesn’t like ’em, but Prince of Petworth thinks otherwise and most of his commenters do as well.  It’s probably generational.

Guest blogger (at Madam Mayo) L. Peat O’Neil has a post about travel writing, walking, and links about walking and literature.

It’s not explained, it’s just a mystery:  how did Mean Louise get a frog (picture included) in her recently used coffee pot?  Ideas?

I just tripped over Afronerdand wanted to share the blog as a whole with everyone (’cause I’m sweet and generous like that).  So go and check it out.

Capitol Hill 20210 has an interesting solution to the lack of privacy in a cubicle:  an approaching traffic mirror.  Ah, for an office with a door.

 And for those of us who suspect we will never write that novel or discover a new planet or whatever, Semi-Charmed Wife makes us feel even worse with this story (with link) about a migrant worker becoming a brain surgeon.  Actually, it really is inspirational.  Me, I hope to clean the bathroom sometime in 2008.