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Accident on Adams Mill Road Sunday night. See note below …

Crashing the DC Goth Scene: Club Midnight. Econo-Girl. After reading a Washington City Paper piece about local Goth events, this blogger decides to investigate for herself. The first sentence of her post sets the stage: If a middle-aged Jewish woman in white sandals and a powder blue top can feel comfortable at Club Midnight, anyone can.

RIP: Buster Nuzum, 13. Cat, rotten bastard. eric nuzum dot com

The Navy Memorial has a map that the DC Defenestrators realize can be used as a platform for the game of Risk. Bruce Witzenburg

So You Think I’m a Tease? Life and Musings. An open letter to a would be suitor.

The popularity of scooters is growing, but riding one requires knowing something about the laws and they vary from District to state. The Triangle has an informed post with good links about what you need to know. In a related unrelated post His Story compares the cost of traveling on a scooter versus the cost of using Metro.

Injustice has its privileges. More snark about the Prince of Novak. Global Chameleon

The “Arlington Way” explained. What’s Up Arlington County employees are told ‘the way’ is part of the job.

If Cats and Dogs Can Get Along, Can’t We? Media Concepts. Photo

Photo note: This photo has no relation to the “Crashing the DC Goth Scene” post above. At least no obvious connection. An SUV flipped over on Adams Mill Road on Sunday sometime after 8 p.m. I happened to be in the area shortly after and took that photo. According to what I was able to gather from people at the scene, the SUV, with Maryland plates, apparently entered Adams Mill from the direction of Columbia and 18th at what was likely a high rate of speed. It hit the median and flipped over on its side with enough force to turn one parked car perpendicular to the road. [There is a really good, and far more detailed, report about this accident at The 42 with a photo from a different angle. The post: Perplexing Crash in Adams Morgan] It happened in front of 2611 Adams Mill (Map). At least four parked cars were damage. I don’t know if there were any injuries. One person at the scene told me that there were three people in the SUV and were able to get out on their own. – kob