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It’s always gridlock on the Foggy Bottom Metro in the morning. But this video on We Love DC, shows a special side of it, where one woman probably on her way to work and no doubt frustrated by the delay, ran up the down escalator. A classic. (It’s toward the end) And it’s no better here: Today’s Metro Lesson: Farragut West, Get it Together. Who Invented Roses

I couldn’t make this up. Finding Blanche. Giant (as in store) drama.

Newt Gingrich Attends Gay Friend’s Funeral. Scott’s Take

Cabbie knows best? Makes you miss the zone system. Life in Pink. From Dupont to The Hill, the long way.

Bucking the critics, Roosh writes: The Dark Knight Is A Stupid Movie [Spoiler warning]

In the woods, downtown. Rock Creek Park is the perfect place for magazine cover. Jay’s Blog.