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A father recounts the tale of walking the mall with his 21 year old adopted sonA Whole New World says it may be the times we have traveled together that have helped us develop the relationship we currently have. A bonding moment, with our beautiful city as a backdrop, touched my heart.

The P.O.S.H Life discusses Michelle Obama and the politics of hair

Jenny from J.C. in the D.C. reviews her summer at the mid-way point: reading, gardening and road trips. What could be better? 

Catholic group protests the premiere of “Jerry Springer: The Opera” at the Studio Theatre,” The Washington Post raises little concern over the show’s content.  In other theatre news, The DC Theatre Scene is looking for your feedback about the Fringe festival, which ended this past weekend.

It seems that the world of dating does not change, whether you are in your 20’s or your 40’s.  First, let’s hear from Belle, from Dating is Dead, who decided she needs to implement some Rules of Engagement.  Her male commenters were not impressed.  (I completely get where you’re coming from, Belle!)  Then there is Dating at Forty, who says So many men, so little time to blog about them!  Very witty writer who introduces us to her long line of bachelors.

How can I not feature a post entitled I’m Officially a Love Whore?  Thanks to Live It Love It.

For those not keeping track of the after-effects of the gun ban case.  No comment from me on this. Liberty Is My Homie

Someone has been gossiping about The Slightly Disorganized Mind In this case, the best revenge would be to start a wildly popular fashion blog.

Posts about last week’s BlogHer conference held in San Francisco have been all over the blogosphere. Since I’m a blogger, and I’m a her, I thought I should learn more about this phenomenon. Two different takes on the experience: Myrna the Minx at Reno and its Discontents shares her observations, and our own local whymommy  from Toddler Planet who clearly had a fabulous time and met tons of people.  The good news is that the conference is coming to DC in October.  More good news is that the New York Times covered the conference, but condescendingly placed it in the “Fashion and Style” section, a fact that sparked lots of disgruntled posts.