DC Blogs Noted


Then I Turned into a Lioness. Sarah and the Goon Squad. An angry mother confronts a bad driver.

The definitive guide of bad dating types and practices. Velvet in Dupont. What Have You Done For Me Lately, Part Deux. Don’t skip the comments.

Men who go out on dates dressed as slobs. RestaurantRefugee, who writes: Does it no longer matter to women how their partners and paramours attire themselves?

I don’t miss the earthquakes
. Arjewtino, ex-LA, now DC and what he endured to become an official DC resident. Excerpt … And when I complained about the perils of driving through that morning’s fresh snow, another editor shouted across the newsroom, “Hey, everyone! California boy here thinks this is a major snowstorm!”

The DC Universe questions the downtown location for a planned musuem devoted to the Armenian genocide. Lively comments.

The Story of Scotchie. Musing of a Chick. Very touching post about a cat.