DC Blogs Noted


One for all and all for streets. The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has joined the coalition Complete Streets. As Kaid Benfield explains in the NRDC blog Switchboard, Complete Streets’ mission is simple: Streets are for everyone. In particular, NRDC is looking to bring streets to cities and towns, including DC that are safe, comfortable and convenient for travel via automobile, foot, bicycle, and transit.

The Roanoke Times’ Happy Wag recommends a new roomie for the house at 1600 Pennsylvania. His name is Jake, an all-American dog, and, like lots of other Americans, he’s a victim of the housing and mortgage crisis, writes the Happy Wag. Think DC is ready for a Mutt in the White House asks Roanoke. Rumor is, he’s “non-pawtisan.”

Hmm. Oddly enough, the Transportation Research Board (TRB), recently commended DC for its transit system in cases of emergency.(Other metro areas Chicago, NYC, etc. faired not nearly so well.) Georgetown’s blog Vox Populi is equally surprised in their post on the TRB’s report: Five feet high and rising? Take the Metro.  Notes Vox Populi, clearly the TRB has never tried to Metro after a basketball game.

And lest you think, we here at DCBlogs are favoring only one DC institution of higher learning (snort! as if it’d be G-town! This contributing editor is from the ‘Cuse!) Josh at The Eagle Blog reports that American University Is The Winner! Not only has AU reclaimed its throne as most politically active college, according to The Princeton Review, it also placed in the “Great College Towns.” Notes Josh: The Princeton Review apparently decided which parts of D.C. were the coolest to attend a college in as GW was ranked higher than AU and AU was ranked higher than GTown. The Eagle Blog doesn’t think this makes much sense, but he’s not arguing.

Hill staffer Hippo Crusades admits he’s Drinking the Kool-Aid. The thing is? The Kool-Aid is good.

It was the wrong night, the very VERY wrong night for The DC Outsider to decide to finally use that gift certificate for The Cheesecake Factory. While giving away cheesecake for a mere (ha!) $1.50 a slice is all well and good, in Cheesecake Factory Wreaks Havoc in Clarendon DC Outsider bemoans the “people hanging out of the place like they were giving away free steak dinners and trips to Cancun.” After much driving around (at NON-flashbacked to 1978 gas prices), Outsider’s party eventually settled on Bertucci’s.

Hey, coulda been worse for DC Outsider – at least they weren’t craving Bennigan’s, right? Dudes on Foods laments: Bennigans and Steak and Ale – no more?