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The absurd cowardice of being polite. My Peculiar Reality labels this post under para-feminism and writes: The average modern civilized man seriously lives in constant terror of offending a woman.

Related unrelated to the post above: Brains by ErinSlick.

Please People: Stop the Insane In-Store Corn Shucking! Herb of DC grew up in Indiana and knows corn. He writes: I also know the one thing you will never see at a Midwestern farm stand – customers shucking their corn!

To Do: Sip DC’s Native Cocktail at Bourbon. It’s the Gin Rickey. Tonight at Bourbon, Adams Morgan. Details at Metrocurean.

Homemade Pho. WhereInDC. Doesn’t look too hard.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor review: awesomely bad. D.C.Girl(at)TheMovies

Ellipse Arts Center reports on the recent All Arlington Salon 2008. The works of more than 200 artists were displayed, and this post has some photos of these first-rate works. The show continues through Sept. 13.