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Another side to the PostSecret show Thinking About Art Many of PostSecret’s post cards are imaginative and artistically rendered train wrecks of guilt and regret. If the post cards are somehow cathartic for the writer what are they for the viewer? Amusement? Art? Porn? Insight? The viewers had their day with the recent PostSecret exhibition in Georgetown. And our writer offers a perceptive and thought provoking analysis of the people who went to it, and that’s what makes this well illustrated post an important and engaging read. None of this takes away from what Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret, has accomplished. Warren’s effort opens a door into something disturbingly beautiful. The actual title of this post is “Georgetown Gallery Roundup,” an understatement for what it offers its readers. An excerpt:

The formation of a line suggested the same thing to me. It was an assembly line of reading. Few people lingered in front of a card and gave it prolonged, serious thought. People wanted to get to the next funny or embarrassing card.

Be My Valentine – The Application. The ladies at No Sex and the City invite men to apply to join them in celebration of the holiday of togetherness. They write: Before you ask, the application will not get ..
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