DC Blogs Noted


Hopefully Erin Jackson of You’re Welcome will remember us when. DC’s own contestant on Last Comic Standing is plenty appreciative of her invite to be a guest on the Ellen show in Is this my life?? Really?!?!?

A plea for less deliciousity. Soup is not a finger food begs, no, implores local burger chain to stop being so gosh-darn yummmy, friendly and convenient in Damn you, Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Among the lamentations, beyond cursing the deliciousness of the burgers, Soupy Meg writes: Damn you…for placing your piping-hot fries in a simple, white, logo-free styrofoam cup, and for throwing EXTRA FRIES on top once the cup is in the bag. Damn the simplicity of your menu: Burgers. Fries. Hot dogs if you must. Complimentary peanuts in the shell for customers to nibble while they wait for their order. Me: Mmmmm…. burgers.

Bikes are here for the sharing. E-NOTES E. Ethelbert Miller wonders if this will turn DC into the world-class city’s he’s heard so much about in Joy in Fentyville. He also thinks a helmet should be part of the deal.

Meanwhile, Textiles and Bicyles is a self-identified angry biker. She shares her specific gripes here in: a biker’s list of complaints.

Mandate of hottitude. Manifest Density celebrates our local media hotties in Good’s Triumph. His candidate Brian Beutler, Washington correspondent for the Media Consortium, received more than 221,000 votes or — as Manifest Destiny notes — one out of every four District residents, about a hundred thousand more than were cast in the city during the 2006 election!