DC Blogs Noted


A special ordinary photo. DC street scene. Still Alive, a blog of experimental and creative photography.

Happy Birthday, whatever that means. Intangible Arts, who writes: I suppose turning forty means I’ve (perhaps) finally earned the right to be a dark-humored, cynical contrarian without looking like a snot-nosed brat who hasn’t put in the time to pull that kind of attitude.

Where will Generation Y (born between 1980 and 1994) want to live? In places like DC. The Triangle has a pointer to a Washington Business Journal analysis on “the next hot spots.” He offers his own take as well.

thrifty/epicure is a new blog about eating cheap in DC.

Photos illustrate the point that tongue in cheek is genetic. Alice’s Adventures Underground.

Seven Things: The Olympics Make Me Wonder. Intro to My Brain – Talkapedia. First item: The men’s diving suits are very small. Do they ever fall off?

SVRSPY was caught up in last weekend’s Bay Bridge accident and has photos.

Redskins Cheerleader Swimsuit Party. The writer at The DC Sports Page stays for 20 minutes.

Mouth of Moldiver. Photos take you through the courses of a recent outing. The blog has an extensive ranking system for all the restaurants it reviews. It’s a deep list.

In trying to give walking directions, Google Maps has taken on a gargantuan task, writes the CommuterPageBlog. And its directions may not be the best.