DC Blogs Noted

The Child Actor: Photo Edition Yeah, So I’m … I-66, the blog author, is a former child actor who also did some modeling. The history is explained in an earlier post; you’ll see the link. The most recent post – which drew some 40 comments – is a portfolio of some of his advertising shots. – Cube recommendation. Also Noted: Questions a Man Should Never Ask a Woman by Louder than Words which comes in response to Questions a Women Should Never Ask a Man by A circle has too much symmetry. This is really huge news, says Frozen Tropics: Streetcar Tracks Coming to H Street. Letters to strangers buffet: Dear Platform Bench-Sitting Metro Lady, Dear 1L Chick in the Library, and others. WonL. I stifled a yawn as he pulled out his Blackberry. From a post called The Theory of Entitlement at What Do You Do? Universal truth: Whenever I’m driving or walking around, I have brilliant ideas for blog entries. Whenever I’m in front of a computer, I’ve got nothing. From Where is My Mind? DC is home to two competing kickball organizations, the “corporate” World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) and the newer, less profit-oriented DC Kickball. From Hey Pretty. Using blogs to motivate students by Teacher Sol. Her book: The Girl I Wanted to Be by Sarah Disgrace. Check out the art redesign on No Pasa Nada