DC Blogs Noted


District Limerick reduces the news of the day to, as its name announces, a limerick. It is brilliant, funny and original. Here’s a sample:

The WaPo has made me aware
That squirrels are getting quite rare
I’ve keenly deduced
Why their herd seems reduced
It’s those rats that look more like a bear

In a bar, the writer of RestaurantRefugee, enters a verbal minefield by asking a woman what she means when she describes herself as a ‘post-feminist’ feminist. He also sabotages any chance for a relationship.

A shooting unfolds in Columbia Heights on blogs and listservs. The details may not arrive newspaper-like, a seamless narrative, but in sum provide a sense of what happened. See, DC Crime Watch at If you see something, say something, and these two posts at New Columbia Heights, More on Saturday’s Shooting, and Shooting at 14th and Fairmont.

Newsflash: Adams Morgan is still grody. A full blown rant by Disaffected Scanner Jockey

How to invite yourself to a biker bash. Zandria

Restaurants extending DC restaurant week. A long list at DC Foodies

meanlouise offers a take on the new book, Blogwars. Excerpt: My primary complaint with Blogwars is that it lacks depth of analysis in most of it’s examples. But, as a textbook, that could also be one of it’s strengths.