DC Blogs Noted


Life As List attends the Bruce Springsteen concert in Richmond and observes that large numbers of his fans are age 50-plus. She writes: … that is when I started calling the shuttle to the concert the, “geriatric express” … my mom didn’t seem to appreciate that.

Do you ever notice how ugly people look when they are mad? Esther now-and-then-some does notice it on her way to a DC bus stop.

How to restart your life. Prettyashley recalls her move to DC.

Who locks a bicycle on a tree? Nikolas Schiller. Photo.

About that $19 maximum DC cab rate … Is it an urban legend that some cab drivers will force you out of the cab once the limit is reached? DC Cab Rider

Brunch DC takes a look, with photos, at Café Tropé, Dupont Circle.

A former downtown, 14th St. NW bank gets District approval to become the Armenian Genocide Museum of America. DCMud