DC Blogs Noted

Hapgood Pond, Peru, Vermont, in the Green Mountain National Forest

Mr. T in DC offers some gym etiquette tips. However, his thoughts give pause: “Wipe off the equipment when you are done using it, using a clean towel or paper towels, not your sweaty body towel. I usually use a small towel saturated in germicide from the spray bottles . . . .” Dude, if you’re OCD enough to need to use germicide at the gym (after working out, you are taking a shower right?), I worry. So chill, please. Gyms are sweaty places, surprise, surprise. Accept that and deal with it. If you have a significant other, he or she probably works up a sweat while you both get happy. Do you bring out the germicide then? Sweat happens. Especially when working out or doing other fun stuff. Get a grip.

Nope, the Comfort Inn on New York Avenue NE really isn’t within walking distance of the Lincoln Memorial, but it is within shouting distance of many fine educational experiences: the cabby hero of Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie rescues a clueless Colorado contingent from the many fine Comfort Inn (New York Avenue NE version) experiences, to immense gratitude. Let me just say: hee!

In the morbid thoughts category, Lacochran’s Bloggery wonders about Blogger’s autopost function, her pre-recorded posts, and what would happen if she died tonight. Didn’t Cat Stevens write a song about that (about dying, not blogging)?

Is another dating site really needed? Well, they all suck, but no, more crap is not an improvement over less crap. And that’s Capitol Hill 20210’s thought on the subject. I concur.

I’ll Think of Something has a job. The job is to “inspect all of the retaining walls on the northeast connector of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.” Unfortunately, this isn’t all that glamorous. And you might be very surprised to learn that the Days Inn in Horsham, Pennsylvania provide a less than ideal hotel experience. I’m as shocked to learn that as you are.

And in an anti-suicide public service announcement: don’t try to kill yourself, okay? This guy (the author of A Day in the Life of an Ambulance Driver) might be the man who comes to rescue you. Do you really want to be the punch line of the joke he’s telling for the next twenty years?

On the deeper thoughts, if you have any interest in Unitarian Universalism (and why not – you don’t have to give up science to do it!) or any interest in writing a UU blog, The Chaliceblog has a post for you. No, it won’t tell you it knows the truth (or that the ‘truth’ is expressed anywhere written by human hands).

And now for shallow thoughts (or really badly written ones, anyway): the 2008 Bulwer-Lytton (“It was a dark and stormy night”) Contest results are in, and Urban Bohemian has something to say about those results. Well, who wouldn’t?

On the subject of shallow (and stupid), Twisty Faster opens a can of whupass on the mayor of Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia. A warning to would be visitors to the website of Twisty, a spinster aunt and gentleman farmer somewhere near Austin, Texas: take my advice and read the FAQs to I Blame the Patriarchy before making any comments. You’ve been warned.