DC Blogs Noted


That morbidly funny Herb of DC has done it again, pondering: So what happens if you have a blog and you unexpectedly have Your Comments Permanently Moderated? Eek. Find out what Herb’s thinking in And in the Event of My Untimely Death, I Bequeath my Blog to…. I’ll take it Herb, no worries. It will be all about the merits of in-store corn-shucking.

Man o man, did news of John McCain’s house-counting woes spread fast. Consider Is John McCain insane? from Jenny from the Farm or Citizen Jake’s The many homes of John McCain, or Take Me To My Mansion, Cindy from Pop Pop Bang. But it’s The Bellows (despite his protests that I Can’t Take Credit for This) that had the chuckle of the day on the topic, IMHO.

Meanwhile over in my ‘hood (where we, ahem, know exactly how many houses studio apartments we own rent) 14th and You warns us that apparently, some greasy spoon that serves chili dogs is having some sort of celebration for being around for 50 years. DDOT is even closing the block for the celebration. Oh the place is Ben’s, it’s fabulous and if you haven’t been… well, for shame on you! Get all the details on how you can join Bill Cosby and the rest of us celebrating in 1200 Block of U St. to be Closed Tomorrow.

In equally exciting news for this city…

City Girl DC goes on a date An Actual Date. Not a hanging out. A date. Wow.

DC Sports Page prepares for Fantasy Football Season. Send me your crib sheets for mine next week? See The DC Sports Page: Fantasy Football League Draft

And the arugula files teaches us how to Picnic on the Potomac in 8 Steps. Perfect for a sleepy summer Friday in DC no? Well, if you’re not heading to Ben’s that is.