DC Blogs Noted

Northampton, Mass., downtown, August 2008

The writer of Who Invented Roses is in a cab heading home when the blue lights of a police cruiser start flashing. The police want the taxi driver to pull over. Instead, the taxi driver speeds up, and so begins The Cab Ride from Hell.

Drug dealers may do more to keep DC neighborhoods safe than police, argues Mike Riggs, Washington City Paper Blog, after observing a drug deal in Brightwood Park.

City Girl DC writes: Why, why, why, do I continue to get calls from men after midnight asking me what I’m doing when I have asked them to stop doing that?

After 628 posts, Silver Spring Daily Photo, calls it quits.

My Little Buddha comes home to Columbia Heights . . . and on this blogger’s balcony. Photo. My Oyster

Liberty Tavern, happy hour. Review and pizza photos of this Arlington spot. the arugula files