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Evolution of a driver’s license photo
. Photos from 10 years: California, DC, Va. lindsayfincher.com

Would Obama make a good date? The writer of Culture, Dating, and Politics in Chocolate City says he may be a perfect dinner date, but in a Ken Doll kind of way, i.e., he’s not going to take out the trash. Obama’s Problem. A conversation with a relative about the election. Scott’s Take.

An Open Letter to the Cats for Whom I Catsit
. Dealing in Subterfuges

Artists Back On F Street By Sept 5. PQ Living. The news and a list of what’s in store at 923 F St. NW.

Time lapse photos of planes landing at National by DC Confidential. Taken from Gravelly Point.

Beach sculpture taken to a new level
. Photos from vacation. hatchets and skewers