DC Blogs Noted


It was Jack’s first day of school and the writer of Stimeyland hoped that he would make it through the day without incident. But then the principal called. A great post with some wonderful comments.

Why John McSame has a good chance of winning & What I will not do if Obama loses. Lonnie Bruner

Zen and the Art of Being Intensely Annoying is about the car salesman who keeps calling. A Daily Dose of Zen Sarcasm

Why Won’t Obama Address the Crystal Pepsi Issue?
So Good

For Nie Nie: Silent Auction. The Big Piece of Cake wants to help the writer of The Nie Nie Dialogues who was in a plane crash and suffered terrible injuries.

Capitals ticket increase is upsetting to Sean’s Rambling. A ticket to a Penguin-Caps game is going from $20 to $65. He writes: I guess that I’m just a little disappointed seeing that I have purchased tickets for the Capitals for the past few years, and now that they finally made the playoffs, the prices are going up.

After witnessing a medical emergency on Metro, Mr. T in DC ask what would be wrong about moving the ill person to the platform to reduce the Metro delay.