DC Blogs Noted


The Book of Secrets, Back Home Again. Library of Congress Blog. For those DC’ers who never visit the District’s institutions, here’s a fun reason to visit the library.

In Today’s Society, Noodles Outsell Books. district, schmistrict‘s take on Olsson’s decision to close its 15-year-old Penn Quarter store, which will be replaced by a British noodle shop, Wagamama.

The pay phone at the Metro station starts ringing. Metro riders stare at it transfixed, reports Was It For This

Faux Pas: A Croc of Excuses. Capitol Hill Style.

Cleveland Park What Happened to You?
Prince of Petworth. The new store.

Can the Dupont Circle Starbucks improve its bathroom procedures, which AO in DC writes are 2% key, 98% confusion.

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