DC Blogs Noted


Attending the National Symphony Orchestra’s Labor Day concert on The Mall, You Lobby Like a Girl writes about the audience response to the National Anthem.

Everyone (easily 2,000+ people) stood up, turned towards the Capital building and the flag, took their hats off, placed their hands over their heart and sang along to the anthem. It’s obvious to me that patriotism and displaying great pride in being an American is not just a cliche here, it’s really heartfelt and a way of life. I’m not sure why that surprised me, maybe it’s that New England Sarcasm and jaded sense of society everyone keeps telling me I have because I’m from CT.

What happens when mother discovers your Facebook page? D is for Disowned. DC is my Manhattan

Velvet in Dupont looks at the election and writes, She Said, “I’m Only Seventeen, But I’ll Show You Love Like You’ve Never Seen!”

Trains leaving Foggy Bottom station. Life Through a Lens. Photo.

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog views political live as a matter of fashion, and does so with sting. I’m Withholding Judgment on Sarah Palin Until Somebody Can Provide a Plausible Explanation for this Outfit.

Columbia Frights. The T-shirt that comments on life in Columbia Heights. Nick’s Designs

This ain’t no egg foo yung. Photos of real Chinese cuisine. Where’My Cape?

This is a visual recreation of DC in the Spring of 1814 created by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Imaging Research Center. It’s amazing. More than 5,000 hours of work went into this recreation. Also, A photo of DC, circa 1926, from 2400 16th Street. Shorpy