DC Blogs Noted:

When Do I Call? First Date DC DC Bachelor is convinced he gives “the best dating advice in the world.” If that were so, DCB wouldn’t need to team up with Kathryn to launch First Date DC. But that’s why this new blog will likely be an entertaining and popular read. It brings together two sharp but contrasting writers with large readerships. It’s a welcome addition. An excerpt from the introductory post penned by Kathryn:

… As our friendship progressed, and we felt close enough to share intimate blogging details, we discovered we both got a lot of dating-related search hits and reader questions. How many days to wait after a date to call? What did he mean when he said it was over? How can I meet easy women? Why do guys send flowers after a date? How do you break up with someone? But seriously, when do I call? …

A new neighborhood blog? Columbia Heights News Columbia Heights News started last month. The blog says its mission “is to provide the latest news and information about the Columbia Heights.” But the blog appears focused on commercial development issues, with particular interest in getting Whole Foods to open a store in this neighborhood. Another goal of this blog is “to serve as a conduit for all the contributions provided by the community.” But it’s a fair to ask how that will happen if the blog authors remain anonymous. And that’s been the source of controversy and discussion. See: A Battle is Raging at Inside the DC Bubble and Whole Foods or Whole Conspiracy in Columbia Heights at Metroblogging. Visit Columbia Heights Yahoo Group as well. Columbia Heights News is a new blog and like all blogs completely free to follow its own path. And I can sympathize with anyone who wants to stay below the Google radar. The default position for many bloggers is anonymity and most readers respect a desire for privacy. But a blog with a newsgathering mission has other issues to consider, especially one reporting on commercial development. A serious community news blog, a hyper-local effort, as a general rule, operates as much on trust as content. Also Noted: Osama ruined my condo value? Where to buy at the Metro DC Sewer, a new blog. For sale signs everywhere. With photo in post, “Speculators Looking to Get Out!” on Bubble Meter. The New Mimosa by DirectCurrent. G-thinking: Here I am tonight, working late at the office in a blue and white polka dot g-string, contemplating love and control. Aunt Sassy’s Condo.