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The elephant in the room

Not much snark in the house tonight, as I recently lost a loved one (by which I mean:  someone I love died, not that I misplaced someone in Safeway’s product section).  At the same time, that means those of our fair community nattering on about what to buy don’t get a lot of sympathy from me.  Basically, the message is:  write about something meaningful, and if you can’t, consider it a good time to go search for meaning and cease writing until you find it.  Reviews of TV series?  Seriously, not meaningful.  That said, here are some blogs I’ve read and “enjoyed” lately, as much as I can be said to be enjoying anything now.

Toddler Planet wonders about being a mother and an academic/professional/person with a meaningful and satisfying career and why those who are successful at it just make the rest of us want to puke (no, the puking part is my addition).

The Prince of Petworth likes a building and posts a picture, asking for your opinion, because your opinion is one he knows and trusts to be tasteful.  Yeah, that’s why he’s asking.  (Why is he asking?)

And Now, Anacostia compliments an Anacostia office building and contemplates changes to the streetscape.

On the cheerful death and dying front (What can I say?  It’s on my mind.), The author of Dougintology,* a science I have never studied (there just aren’t that many guys named Doug out there anymore, I guess) says a sad farewell to Don LaFountaine.

There actually is someone in DC who likes “interesting” protestors.  Of course, that someone uses the monicker [F]oxyMoron, so that probably should be a clue.  But then I remember, as long as they don’t screw up my commute, I like the protestors too.

Speaking of commutes, the truly necessary superhero, MetroMan,** of IMetro, reviews the Metro Daily Service Report.

A different view of the city and Metro can be found here, at DC Outsider.

*Presumably named Doug, but you never know.
**He deals with Metro.  I can only help you with Halloween costume tinfoil problems.