DC Blogs Noted


Hanna Does Georgetown. DC Universe, who writes: There’s something about seeing vast amounts of water pouring out of a Starbucks that fills me with an odd sense of joy. Photos.

M Slash lets a rider know how Metro really works.

Slate gives a shoutout to DC Teacher Chic. It has this to say about it: Her blog—often funny, usually outraged—offers a great insight into the mind of a teacher on the young side of this growing generational divide.

Mark your calendars: A blogger picnic will be held Oct. 11 sponsored by Looking2Live and Culinary Couture.

Metal in the Microwave: Not Just Fear-Mongering. Joelogon who writes Dumb Things I have Done Lately adds another to thing to his list of dumb things he has done lately.

Starbucks Should Stick To What They Do Best, writes So Good, who picks apart its new healthy breakfast menu.

What If Bristol Palin Were Black? expressions of a buppie

Help students become brilliant writers! The Capitol Letters Writing Center is holding a volunteer orientation on Tuesday in Dupont Circle. The orientation will be followed by a happy hour.