DC Blogs Noted


If you missed the Red Skins game, here’s a video view from the seats in the final minute. (Turn down volume if at work) Good time to check out the Redskins Blog written by Matt Terl, a lifelong fan who says he has been given access to Redskins Park.

A post, 20 months, about the experience of raising a child. Sandblower

DC’s most famous blogger, Jessica Cutler, may be the subject of an HBO series. Elizabeth Nolan Brown has the link. Cutler’s blog, is inactive. For those unfamiliar with her story, Wikipedia has a summary with links. Update: Jessica Cutler’s new blog.

A bike parked too close the White House alarms the Secret Service. Don’t blow up my bike. Too Much Skunk in your Junk

MeshugAvi Blog. After signing the lease, this writer has advice for finding a rent in DC.

First impressions of the City Vista Safeway. The Triangle. A long list of observations including: Safeway’s first full-service nut bar. Next question: When will Safeway renovate its other stores?

Geek America: The Top 10 U.S. Cities for Technology Jobs. DC ranks No. 2. dB Professionals blog. If you have any interest in tech at all, bookmark the very useful DC Tech Events calendar. Some great activities, even if you aren’t all that techy, includng Tech Cocktail.

No Short Shorts When Bench Pressing. Please! BT Crowd

Elevator Etiquette and Laundry Room Love. DC Damsel. Missed opportunities.