DC Blogs Noted


A drunk lobbyist on K Street. There’s Such a Thing as Doing Your Job Too Well. Tom Collins

What constitutes cheating? A Blog is Born writes: In my mind, cheating is doing anything that you wouldn’t want to tell your man. Doesn’t matter if it’s with another person or whatever. If you’re not comfortable sharing whatever it is, then you’re cheating on the trust.

Buys a Kindle and was it ever worth the money, writes Du Wax Loolu.

Cardiac Arrest. The scene at a hospital after different family factions arrive. Desert Son

A dog guy writes about cats. Bilbo’s Random Thought Collection. Cats, he writes: … are in it for themselves. When you come home, a dog will run to greet you joyfully and make you feel like a million dollars. A cat will peer around a corner, note that you’re home, sigh at the invasion of its space, and go back to hacking up hairballs on your pillow.

Bodega Spanish Tapas in Georgetown. DC Eats files this report about his late night meal.

The well dressed guy in line for jury duty. dcpeg’s blog. My day in court.

Most DC residents tune out protests, but there was one in Lafayette Park that caught the attention of Mental Mayhem. What I learned during lunch. And, Oh, Sorry, I’m New in DC, also comes across a protest and writes: I was unaware that there *were* Cuban political prisoners in US jails. Toby and I passed unmolested by the dozen or so “protesters” wearing T-shirts with slogans like “Viva Fidel.”

Pygmalion In A Blanket reports: It appears that Lifetime has started
shooting their LNS-themed, unintentional parody of faux celebrity realism here in the most northwestern parts of north-west DC.

Review: Peapod Delivery Service. Well Fed on the Town.