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Breaking news: Bear closes Columbia Heights Metro. Jenny from the Farm has the photos. DCist has the theories.

Will we ever be a 24 hour city? The 42

A voice urges her to jump on the Metro. Alice in Blunderland.

I started to turn my head to the right, to see who kept hollering, and why on earth they felt such hollering was necessary. But my gaze didn’t make it all the way to the kind woman who was urging me through the train’s re-opened doors, as they fell first upon the doors themselves, and everything clicked.

Apparently drag queens make me happy. Sarah and the Goon Squad. In the checkout line at Safeway

Twenty things I-66 won’t miss about summer I-66

Confessions of an Obama campaign volunteer. an OC girl living in an extraordinary world

Monthly blogger meetup tonight, Regional Food and Drink, Gallery Place Metro, 810 7th St., an informal gathering open to anyone who wants to attend.