DC Blogs Noted:

Inside the Secret Lonnie Bruner Our writer helps PostSecret blogger Frank Warren select post cards for this week’s edition. He shares the experience. An excerpt:

We sat at a table, separating our favorites from the rest, and went through the highly selective process of choosing the final 23. At one point I asked Frank, “So how often do you have people help you with this?” He responded, “You’re the first.”

Bloggers Poetry Reading — You’re Invited Grace’s Poppies It’s Thursday, Feb. 2 and you don’t need to leave the house. The location is on your blog. Spread the news. An excerpt:

Select a poem you like – by a favorite poet or one of your own – to post February 2. I don’t imagine zillions of bloggers will partake of this online celebration of midwinter, but I am curious to see who is called to join this project, and especially curious to read the poetry that gets published.

Also Noted: More houses sold below listing price than above in the month of December, according to a list of home sales published monthly on Petworth News. Of the 26 house sales on this list, 6 sold for over the list price, 8 were sold at the list price, and 12 below. In Shaw also has a list of eight recent house sales and only one sold above the list price; five were sold below their list price, and two sold at the list price. Adventures in DC car buying. At one point we were being followed by these guys – who were shouting things we chose not to hear. Sirens were still wailing – and not in the distance either. From Random Musings. Of urgent importance: The famous Dupont Circle landmark, Brewmaster’s Castle, “a living time machine,” writes the The Washington Oculus, may be soon sold to the highest bidder and converted into private use. Debt is forcing it into foreclosure. New blogger, DC Princess, writes about her dining experience at Mon Ami Gabi in Bethesda. Link Update: The blog Real World Bethesda is now Girl with a Cat.