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Georgetown, M and Wisconsin

DC Damsel makes a deal with God regarding quitting her old job and possibly getting a new job, making promises and then counteroffers.  Whether this is good or bad probably depends on whether you think there is a god and, if there is one, whether God takes requests like a radio station.

Arlington County is adding three-wheeled human propelled vehicles (tricycles for adults) to its motor pool starting on World Car Free Day (Sept. 22) according to CommuterPageBlog.  Now let’s hope all those black Lincolns (or their lessors) chauffering very important but environmentally thoughtless people buy a vowel and a clue.

Speaking of cars (and I’m not saying anything good), crossing Georgia Avenue to get to the Wheaton Metro (or anywhere else) shouldn’t be an episode of Fear Factor, but according to Life in (Scenic) Wheaton, it really is.

I knit, but know nobody else gives a crap, but here, Crazy Lanea shows what one can do with a Feather and Fan (an old Shetland lace) pattern.

Oh, and let’s just guess the political affliation of Jason’s View from DC, shall we?  Nothing wrong with it, but if you can’t see it, you need to get your vision checked.

And just to show I can spell Hubble, National Geographic’s website publishes the Hubble Space Telescope’s photo of aligned galaxies.

Even if we’re not intergalactic, you (most of you here in PowerTown, anyway) want to appear to be international and cosmopolitan.  Here at DC Blogs, we want to help you be cosmopolitan, maybe even actually knowledgeable.  So read Alda Kalda of the Iceland Weather Report and her review of Krua Siam in Akureyri, Iceland.