DC Blogs Noted


Written in Caps asks a simple question: Why is car insurance so expensive in DC? I dunno, artist-formerly-known-as “Oh Excuse Me I’m New In DC,” why is it? Oh yah. The window smashing. Worst part about this … this neighborhood/block/street looks awfully familiar. Be right back, I gotta go check my … SMASH!

Ah, DC. Other cities have their sports or TV shows for water cooler/Metro gossip, we have politics and … this from City Musings: Bow-tied Men Say Things Like This On the Metro

And speaking of cookies … What? You weren’t- Oh! well I was! ErinSlick, one smart cookie herself, give us My Attempt at Political Humor

DC spin of a different kind: DC Rocks ON shows us it doesn’t have to be political. Spinning

No good deed … well, you know the rest. Mommaerts has been trying to volunteer to help Ike victims for a week and getting the runaround. I Have To Vent

Urban Mama turns 32, thinks about life, love, family and her mom, Mami, Abuela to the kids. I’m on Team Abuela

In All My Spare Time has no time for weeding. And it’s leading to the dreaded Homeowner Association Hate Mail. Oh have I been there. (wanders off mumbling to myself about blanketyblank “community” gardens that aren’t so community-minded) Kim vs. The Weeds