DC Blogs Noted

The Imperfect Samaritan. It is Saturday and the writer of Booker Rising is having dinner at the Dupont Circle Chipotle when she sees someone attempting to steal a purse.

Credit Default Swaps For Dummies. RooshV lends money to a friend and then ask another to insure the debt.

Culture, Dating, and Politics in Chocolate City. In line at Starbucks for a morning brew, this writer is reminded of her loneliness.

Woes is me! My First Pang of this Recession. Expressions of A Buppie deals with the recession and resolves to re-wear something in my closet.

Nothing to lose but some chains. Gun control and decisions by lawmakers who live far away. The Foggy Dew

There are more local candidates with blogs in this election season than any other, but they still represent a minority. in shaw has a link to Jessica Lanza who is running for the ANC2C03 (Shaw) and has a blog. Map of ANC 2c here. [Note to candidates: If you are running for office and use a blog to interact on the issues, please send a link for the live feed.]

The people behind one of the art booths (scroll down) at Adams Morgan Day. bookish lady, a DC writer who practices bookbinding and letterpress.

Lunch at Lawsons Gourmet in Dupont Circle. Too Shy to Stop. A place where they say “Thank you, baby” and “Can I help you, baby.”