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The Nationals are Deadbeats. The Slanch Report on the nearing end of the season.

The Washington Nationals will be mercifully finishing their season later this week, closing out merely 30+ games out of contention for the NL East, although the good news is that they are only 28.5 games out of the wild card. To cap off their inaugural season in their gorgeous new government paid-for home, the Nationals are celebrating by not paying their rent. After all, why should they bother, the product on the field is gift enough!

Notes from the dog walker. Was It For This. It cost $220 a month, but Cooper is worth it.

au revoir, peewee. Pandahead is at the goodwill silent auction, as were a number of other bloggers.

A Metro rail car provides a view into the past. Esther now-and-then-some.

Photo: Gentrification Project (Columbia Heights) Visual Mumbling.