DC Blogs Noted


Inner Citings knows there’s a housing crisis, really she does. It’s just hard to remember sometimes, when you’re cycling in Great Falls, past the McMansions.

Hey, remember the Dupont Underground? Probably not, but it’s been an underground club, trolley carport and underground mall. Now DC Metrocentric reports that it may yet become an art exhibition and event space, asking is Dupont Underground Back?

For Adam of Adam’s Deep Blog, the cancellation of the Presidential Debates (or are they cancelled? Wait, they’re on. No, they’re off. On! Off! On! Sigh) has a personal effect. He doesn’t get to the hometown of his Southern Gentleman/Peach of a Man. When You’re (Not) Walkin in Memphis. Or are you walking there? On! Off! On! etc.

Oh Noes. Kim of Kim’s notebook says I’m not gonna vote and you can’t make me. True enough, but surely some DCblogsreader (yah, i made it up, sue me) has SOMETHING wise and compelling and hopeful to say on this. RIGHT? Anyone? Bueller?

Woodley Park Zoo asks: Is grunge making a comeback? Whaaaa? Grunge is out? Flannel and Starbucks.

When she woke up this morning, and definitely when she rode the bus and was subjected to a loud and ugly “discussion,” Beyond Friendship Gate was angry, really angry, painfully angry. Then she remembered Tai Chi and Mr. Pei. She got herself there stat and saw beauty again in Mr. Pei’s America the Beautiful. And now, so have I. And now, so have you.