DC Blogs Noted


A very readable post by It’s about with a hard and harsh look about life in DC. Living in Ghost World. Excerpt:

Invisibility is the worst fate that can befall one in this city. At bars, clubs and parties, a game of feigned geniality and smooth evasion plays itself out. People stop for chats, token attempts at communication. Even as they speak, their eyes wander the room, looking past you, where more important, more glamorous minglers might be milling about.

An allergy provides a Hollywood moment. Allergies: the cheapskate’s collagen.  Swim Parallel

Tiny Dancer in the Bathroom. A fourth grade teacher with a cute story. Oyster Eater: What did I get myself into?

JDLand, which recently won Knight-Batten Award for Innovations in Journalism, is making very good use of DC government’s RSS data feeds. See this Computerworld post, Let’s turn the federal government over to bloggers.

I couldn’t stop staring. Alice in Blunderland. Street art, photos.

An open letter to Carol Schwartz. Whatever Lola Wants. Write-in advice: Due to your belief that DC residents loved you so much, you didn’t have to work for their support anymore. Given the results of the recent primary, you finally discovered that to be untrue.

New restaurant, Founding Farmers. Farm-grown fare at 20th and Penn. A report At Home In DC