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National Guard deployed in DC to light up a city block. Prince of Petworth. Commenters explain all.

Is Adams Morgan More Dangerous than Anacostia? Urban Turf

Red, Adams Morgan. Photo. Project Beltway

Sept. 27, 2008: best day of my life. Lemon Gloria

City Paper Owner Files for Bankruptcy. City Paper Blog. How is it that City Paper’s new owners, Creative Loafing, can be in bankruptcy one year after buying City Paper? Most subprime mortgage holders hold on for a least two years before they file. The City Paper has produced some outstanding journalism over its many years. Hopefully, this bankruptcy will create a new path to independence. Chains are killing newspapers around the country. Analysis at Vox Populi

Why This Layman Opposes the Bailout. Media Concepts.

Artful oinkers for those who must save. Love in Blonde