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The writer of Capitol Hill 20210 arrives home to find a person sitting next to her apartment door. She runs outside and calls the police. The follow-up post: After last night’s incident, I really understand why people distrust the police. [Update: These two posts have been removed.]

Columbia Heights Day was a disappointment, writes Creative DC. It didn’t have the arts of Adams Morgan Day, but there was a giant rabbit. Photo. Mr T in DC‘s photostream.

The nonmainstream media offers its take on Sarah Palin, you betcha, beginning with conversation with myself by The Other Lisa (Formerly of womenhavingitall). If you want to see a film clip of a real legend of the West, Maverick, see Herb of DC. Nice little theme song. Jason’s View from DC: I must admit I find Sarah Palin’s voice and mannerisms to be unbearable. Fifth and Oh checks out some Alaskan politics blogs and discovers: Palin Fading in…Alaska? Regarding Palin’s Joe Sixpack reference, NotionsCapital points out that Sen. McCain’s wife controls the third largest Anheuser-Busch distributorship in the U.S.

Gunfire in Adams Morgan Saturday draws multiple accounts. The writer at The Winding Road hears four to five shots not 10 feet from where he was standing. Some people scatter, some take cover, but this writer doesn’t move. Occidental Israeli hears gunshots and looks out the window.

The week ahead: Georgetown braces for more anti-IMF protests. Vox Populi

An Open Letter of Thanks To Random Girl at the Naylor Rd. Station (and Metro too). iPhone is recovered. Frank at Metblogs