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So, a woman approaches a man in Tryst. “Tom?” she asks. He didn’t hear the question correctly and a mismatch begins. Listening in is Not that you asked me, but …

What Does Metro Have Against Obama? Photo. Swapping Tales

The crime problem in Adams Morgan was summed up by Bryan Weaver, the chair of the local ANC, in a note he posted Monday on the local Adams Morgan mailing list: Since September 1st we have had over 30 violent crimes and 14 reported shootings in Adams Morgan. The violent crimes include numerous robberies (muggings), assaults with a deadly weapons, and at least one hate crime. The writer of something like a phenomena says this situation warrants a Call to Action. Meanwhile, Occidental Israeli wants to know why the media hasn’t reported Saturday’s shooting.

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon, and Nipples. Live It, Love It. Excerpt: He strides in, shirtless, a man on a mission. He looks like a 10 year old boy who just got a BB gun for Christmas and it’s raining evil squirrels outside.

hey pretty reports: Snuffing out a relationship is rather empowering.

Puff Out Your Chest DC. DC Sports Pulse. Praising the Redskins. DC Pro Sports Report.

Foreclosure Trends DC Region. Prince William County leads but bad news everywhere. Urban Trekker

Who Stole the Bus Stop? Independence Ave next to the Library of Congress. Living in the District

A student makes a video of his Metro ride. Sells his car. Pedestrian Capable DC.

Restaurant Review: Casa Oaxaca. Musings of Miriam, who reports: The restaurant bills itself as “authentic Mexican cuisine,” and the menu reflects it. There are not fajitas, or chimichangas, or any of the staples of Tex-Mex restaurants.

Whopper movie news: Harvey Weinstein, president of Weinstein Company, has given the green light to the first romantic comedy starring Saturday Night Live faves Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. And according to this report, it is suppose to be set in the Adams Morgan Burger King. From Huliq News