DC Blogs Noted


He says to her: “Are we going to get down to business here or what?” eric nuzum dot com

Palin Poutine. Washington Cube. There are so many reasons why I would not vote for this woman, even down to the fact that she drops her “g’s.” I shudder thinking of her on the world stage saying “Prime Minister Poutine (Putin) ….Ay kin see yer house.”

Diary Of A Fixer-Upper: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. Daphne at Open House Blog. Photos of work along with the tale.

Big feet standing in the way of love. Sorry About That. It’s what happens after the fall that may hurt the most.

DC MPD keeps putting off meetings about bike safety. WashCycle

A strain of tomato called the Mortgage Lifter at the Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market. Greg Mankiw’s Blog

Taste of Georgetown Saturday. Delleicious DC