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So. The election. The debates. The wondering whether it’s over yet. So, today, our Palinoscopy, with a bit of McCain pain and Obama drama thrown in:

Jamie of Farm Fresh Meat sees Sarah Palin as Impalin’ (note the dropped g) the truth.

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog just says ugh. That’s like just saying no, only meaner.

Journal Wunelle considers the Straight talk express, the media coverage of Obama and McCain “going negative.”

Mark Guppy of Scribes and Scoundrels found the whole debate a bit of a yawn.

Don’t Gel Too Soon posts a link to a paean to Barry by the Boss.

An actual undecided voter who participated in a debate focus group likes Obama slightly better than McCain after the debate. Vaburbia writes about his Fox News focus group experience.

Regarding McCain, Obama, and the debate, Menopausal Stoners (yeah, the blog name gave me pause too) think the debate can be summarized thusly: McCain = Old; Obama = Young.

For those of you for whom “Liberal” isn’t left enough, Vox Populi has tips for how to enjoy your IMF protest weekend. My plan: be somewhere else.

Speaking of protests, SwerveLeft‘s foreign friends ask: Hey, why the heck aren’t U.S. citizens marching in the streets protesting now that our retirement accounts and home equity are new and not-so-improved?

Where Is My Mind tells us about the so-delightful-it’s-got-to-be-a-joke Mail Goggles. But what a commentary on people’s impulse control if it isn’t.

And our future, future, future president may be from the land of Stimey (Stimey Land). Of course, there’s a chameleon and a train there as well.

Looking2Live thinks about atonement and Yom Kippur.