DC Blogs Noted


Capitol Hill 20210 has been on the horrifyingly esteem-crushing (whaaa? who said that?) dating site, let’s just call it, smash dot com, and not surprisingly says I Want to Hide under the Covers so Bad Today. Oh honey, I have BEEN there. Not to be all your mom or anything, but hold out for the one who loves you for you; they DO exist. And nope, don’t come with wives and kids. Sigh. Been there, too. Hmm, 20210, when are you having those drinkies?

Maybe it’s just like itself. New Columbia Heights puts a new site – Homethinking – to the test. The site compares neighborhoods in different cities. For Columbia Heights, it came up with the financial district in NYC – preposterous, according to NCH, but “the mission district in San Fran, a bit more reasonable. What neighborhood is Columbia Heights like?

Oh Susanica! wonders Are blogs just soap operas on steroids?

In One Year Later, a daughter remembers: “It’s one thing to live with cancer and another to deny it. Somehow Dad did both.” And now that daughter, DC Peg herself is accepting and missing, both. Duality takes many forms.

Famous DC bemoans that to say he’s losing interest in his various leagues (with numbers plummeting faster than McCain’s might be a gross understatement.) Sigh. I know how ya feel Famous, losing to my fiance, who I introduced to the sport obsession world that is FF a mere few weeks ago! Fantasy Football – Week 7

The Search for J Street enjoys The Last Flowers of Fall on 10th Street as well as some curly-haired wholesome kids and dogs. Fortunately, they aren’t really the last flowers on her street, as there does seem to be a weather-proof garden of sorts nearby.

Even pros get the bruises. DC Rowhouse is mesmerized by her electrician’s gadgets and gear, and then comforted that even pros have accidents. Plus, he was uber-impressed with her nurse skills! Oh Holy Ceiling. . .

Phils win! Phils win! I suffer the dreams of a world gone mad is taken back to being six years old, just learning of sports, and dreaming of being a superstar ball player (with an awesome ‘stache to boot!). Something nice about those days…