DC Blogs Noted


What are the neighborhood robbery rates? DCjack has produced a statistical analysis that looks at number of robberies in District neighborhoods covered by the Third Police District. That includes everything from Mount Pleasant to Shaw. Insightful analysis with a surprising finding.

I Have Established Contact With The Mothership! The rewards of blogging, two years, two months and 16 days later. Catch Up Lady.

DC Sketchbook at This Too Shall Pass. A woman on the 42nd Bus. This is one of the most original blogs in DC blogland.

Regime Change Starts at Home. Exhibit at the Irvine art gallery on 14th. One Photograph a Day.

Chivalry and Courting in the District. Culture, Dating, and Politics in Chocholate City, tells of an incident while out jogging. She writes: This morning I shed a tear for the crass nature of (some) men in the District. They come in all types – rich, poor, young, not-so-young, and those that must know better.

A friendly note about computing at your library. ANA DOT DCPL. You will need a thumb drive to save your work.

Sexy, single, and… celibate? Says she knows in the first 600 seconds how things will turn out.

Evening shots. Photos. Gorgeous, writes one commenter. Photocynthesis