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The writer of Adventures in Voluntary Simplicity decides it’s time to set a new course for his life. Excerpt:

I have been living in the dark for over six years now and enough is enough. Sure, you can have tons of fun in the dark. Believe me, there have been times when the booze has been fantastic, when the partying, the women, and the meaningless self-importance of being an asshole lawyer have all been exquisite, convenient distractions from genuine happiness. But all of that is over as of today.

Here’s a another post with a theme similar to the one above. Perhaps the uncertain economy drives a need for reassessment. Happy Living writes:

Lately, I have no interest in bars. I have no interest in alcohol. I have no interest in fleeting interactions. I want be healthy, cherish my down time, go to plays and movies and National Geographic events, read, teach myself Spanish, teach myself how to knit, go to yoga, play volleyball, hike and camp. I want to get up early and read the paper with my coffee or go for a long run. I want to develop long-lasting relationships instead of brief flirtations. But here’s the thing: I mean all of this in a deeper existential way that I’m not quite sure I can articulate.

The key word for this post is random medicalness and it concerns a phone call at the gym from a doctor with test results. On hearing the news, Jodifur writes: I’m 33, a wife, a mother, an attorney, and active. I will be healthy. I will have a life. I believe the mind is powerful. I believe I can refuse to be sick.

Suburban Fizz realizes her blog isn’t a hit with males. Once she gets that issue out of the way, the next thing to explain is why I am currently wearing puce-colored panties.

How do unsuspecting people feel about getting their photos taken by a stranger? A Daily Dose Zen Sarcasm considers the issue and shares some of her clandestine photos.