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If you’re afraid you’re a narcissist, that probably means you aren’t one.  Esther-now-and-then-some thus probably isn’t a narcissist.  Of course, a woman who takes the time to figure out where someone else is coming from (even the security guard who ignores her) wouldn’t be a narcissist, would she?

Freewheelin’ Spirit‘s author contemplates the best kid’s holiday (Halloween — they just give you candy!  You don’t even have to say please!  You get to dress up!) and children’s world view.

There may truly be someone for everyone, as a woman admits she actually dated the man in question.  J at It’s Toasted proves that love truly is (or was) blind.

If your reaction to national financial meltdown is to go out and spend money, and you think you are what you wear, here are some cold-weather fashion tips from Guide for the Working Girl.

In the same vein, the author of What Smart Women Buy implies (but not guarantees) that if you buy a certain green car, you’re smart.   I would simply say, you don’t have a kid whose college career you need to fund and thus haven’t clued into the current financial environment, but I’m actually seeing this whole situation as depression, not recession, and no-one else is using that word.

Remixes:  I’ve never understood them, but I’m old.  [F]oxymoron is clearly younger. Her/his post is also really funny, even to me.

Will there be a Purple Line before there’s Metro to Dulles?  Probably not, but the light rail option for the Purple Line was recently described in Beyond DC as meeting federal cost-effectiveness guidelines.