DC Blogs Noted


Do you come here often has to eliminate two unlucky fellows. She’s just Not a gamblin’ kind of girl and besides, she can’t have being the one woman it took to ruin a good guy on her conscience.

Anna Kelso hearts working from home. So does her Mr. Happy Bowl. WFH

City Musings notes a missing ingredient in a local pol’s campaign signs. Problems in Voting: A Write-In Wrong. Psst, City Musings, it’s Schwartz.

The Life of Mb takes us through Test Day, or as her mother would have advised Dress-Up Day. There is no such month as Rocktober. Good luck Mb.

Page 132 asks Is Anyone Still Reading this Blog? C’mon DCBlogs-ers, give a fellow bloggers some love.

Vox Populi asks What do John McCain and the Silver Line have in common? Okay, maybe you can guess the punchline, but still.

Thunderstorms Highly Likely is starting to speak the language. At least at Starbucks. And while it used to bother her… it’s starting to not seem so strange… almost like… home. It’s Like I’m From Here or Something.