DC Blogs Noted

Columbia Road, Adams Morgan Sunday afternoon; scene from a religious gathering

My Personal Pump-a-kin Carve-nival. Smash, in photos, demonstrates the correct way to carve a pumpkin. With menace.

A crazy person makes conversation in the Columbia Heights Bank of America. Red Sky at Night. The post: Mixed nuts.

Review: Commissary, the new Logan Circle stop. We Love DC. Excerpt: A friend described the ambiance as “the urban equivalent of Olive Garden,” and I think this encapsulates neatly why it makes me uneasy. The entire block of new development on P between 15th and 14th is calculated to make people who once refused to walk down that expanse feel at home. Despite a few notable exceptions like New Vegas Lounge, it’s fast losing any grit.

Learning to Love the Big Box. Yglesias, who writes: As far as this issue goes, I think urbanists ought to wholeheartedly embrace “big box” chain stores. When there’s a problem with an urban-situated big box store, which there often is, it’s because (like the Home Depot near the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station) the site has been laid out in a way that’s inappropriate for an urban environment.

my d.c.: the circle. sprite writes: During the day, the residents of Dupont Circle surrender the park temporarily to others. At night, though, we reclaim what is ours.

Halloween Along the Red Line. A guide by On the Red Line

Happy hour recommendation: circle bistro. LottieB’s Weblog, who writes: The whole drink menu is half price from 5pm to 8pm.

Returning home to Western Massachusetts. Gina Vivinetto’s Greatest Hits. Photos and story.

I Made Freedom Count – I Voted Absentee. Was It For This. A report from Arlington.