DC Blogs Noted


I really like the Bloomingdale Farmers Market. In Shaw, who writes: But you know what I really love about the market? The vibe. It is a vibe that everyone contributes to.

Random Bag Searches on Metro. Metblogs, which writes: I, for one, have some serious concerns about this program. imetro also writes: Maybe I should carry random stuff in my bad. Mouse traps, a thong, and a headless barbie doll. I wonder if that would get me arrested, or labeled as a person of interest.

Protect Your Banana! A new lunchtime product that you don’t want to bring to lunch. So Good

Everything I ever needed to know about men, I (should have) learned from babysitting. Learning to Fly. Five points.

DC’s brunch culture is phony and stupid, writes City Desk.

What matters next for the Washington Redskins. DC Pro Sports Report looks at what the pundits are saying about the 6-2 team.

DC Tech Events Weekly: so many events it’s kind of scary. Things to do at DC Tech Events