DC Blogs Noted


Many DC bloggers have reacted strongly — with varying degrees of opinions — regarding WMATA’s decision to randomly search the belongings of Metro passengers. Flex Your Rights describes The Citizen’s Guide to Refusing DC Metro Searches for those who do not wish to give Metro Police consent to be searched:

“As innocent citizens become increasingly accustomed to being searched by the police, politicians and police agencies are empowered to further expand the number of places where all are considered guilty until proven innocent.”

To Blog Or… is “as much of a make-out slut as the next guy.” That might be the reason he knows the 12 Best Places to Make Out in DC. And, for good measure, the 12 Worst Places to Make out in DC.

Before she leaves for Israel after the new year, Namaste shares a memorable phone call with her Catholic grandmother in Grandma Language.

A couple of cool Marine Corps Marathon photos from Washington Photo Journal. The marathon did not, in any way, mess up my weekend plans. Nope, not at all.

Nicholas Schiller gets jumped just steps from his home, near the “10th Street Market” — again.