DC Blogs Noted


Enough financial meltdown and we’ll-never-be-able-to-take-another-vacation-much-less-retire-crisis.   Here’s the real crisis:  I’m the mother of two with no creative Halloween-costume-making mad skillz.

Unlike Joe Logon of Dumb Things I Have Done Lately.  His blackjack table costume (handmade by him, apparently) would put any super-suburban-ultra-competitive-costume-making-nitwit-parent-to-shame. 

Are bike lanes just more space for cars to double park?  The Helios Monroe Renewable Energy Demonstration Project applauds the forty miles of bike lanes the District has added this year, but asks the preceding question about whether that effort was well spent.

The author of The Platypus on . . . Preparedness (I really have to wonder where most blog titles come from) considers the war in Iraq and outsourcing of government functions.

This Too Shall Pass revisits some unsolved murders from the 1970s.

Currently, the slaughter in DC seems largely financial (although the crime rate does seem to be rising), and Urban Trekker counts short sales and foreclosure sales in the greater DC area.