DC Blogs Noted


Tricks and treats, boys and girls.

A treat: DC Living notes some good news: DC Among Real Estate Markets Most Likely To Rebound. Not that I’m anxious or anything but… umm, promise?

Trick: Oompa loompa doopity do, Christopher Colaninno has a halloween puzzle for you. Happy Halloween

Trick (or actually, just plain sad): Beyond bread reports on one nonprofit hit by the economic downtown. Whitman Walker Clinic closes its food pantry. Not good news, not good at all.

A treat, for its beautiful writing, and zenlike spirit, among other things: Not Ever Still Life with Girls helps us through the hard times, the waiting times, the being…Not-Ever-Still Life with Girls: In suspense.

Treat: Life through the T-glass used to joke about giving a first-born to see a Madonna show. Well, the moment (minus the baby giving) has arrived. And it was Magical. M is for Magic

Trick or Treat? It’s Halloween and we have a weekend pass, according to Thröwing Hämmers. Just remember, he notes: the dark woods belong to the storming spirits — while you don’t have to go home, you can’t stay either. He recommends going back with the naughty witch. Halloween Eve

Happy Halloween, kids. And happy election day. Remember to wear your blue on Tuesday November 4, in honor of my birthday on the 3rd. See you next week when we have a new president-elect. Unless I’m too hungover still. Anywho, happy  Halloween Friday!