DC Blogs Noted


Expressing a view that’s probably true for many others as well, Was it For This writes: I’ve never felt so lucky to live in DC, at the heart of it all. Tonight, on the eve of a historic election, my heart is full.

Who Invented Roses describes her eHarmony date. The title of the post is, unfortunately, the spoiler: The Puker.

Election night bar recommendations. Gridskipper

Please don’t vote, writes Sarah and the Good Squad. If you don’t vote, my vote counts more.

Pork Chops with Apples and Maple-Rum Sauce. Foodie Tots.

Girl with Flat Hat: I’m baking two flourless chocolate cakes this time instead of one, as I have for previous elections (don’t ask what chocolate cake has to do with elections–except that no matter who wins, everyone gets to eat cake!), because we’re splitting our time between Democratic and Republican parties. I mean cake-and-booze parties, not (just) political parties.

A film crew was at work Saturday night in Adams Morgan, filming a pilot for the Washingtonienne HBO series, based on the Jessica Culter’s book. DCist